Car insurance groups

Cheap to insure cars

Cheap to insure cars

Insurance group 1 is the cheapest, then 2,3,4... there are 50 insurance groups for cars.

Insurance Group 1

Insurance Group 2

Insurance Group 3

Insurance Group 4

Insurance Group 5

Insurance Group 6

What makes a car cheap to insure?

Smaller engines with low power output. Lower powered cars are cheaper to insure because they are involved in fewer accidents. Some cars in the same range could have the same engine size but different power output so look out for the power output reading usually measured in horsepower (hp or bhp) but some manufacturers use (ps) where 1ps = 0.986bhp.

Cheap to repair and cheap parts. Luxury brands and top of the range cars use more expensive parts and take more time and cost to repair.

Safety systems. Anti lock brakes, electronic traction control and collision avoidance systems have a proven record of reducing accidents.

Security features. Thatcham category 2 immobilisers and category 1 alarms reduce the risk of theft and Thatcham approved tracking systems help the police recover stolen vehicles.


Date Modified 2016-10-13